Wednesday, 3 July 2013

They think we are playing, boom POP Powerpoint System is Online !!!

POP Powerpoint System is Online !!!

1. Load your wallet
2. BUY 19.00 PACK with 25 BIDS
(this pack can maintain also the Qualification of all bronze up Partners)
3. BID in the auctions and make a new Macbook yours (with some luck)
4. GET 2500 Powerpoints
5. Turn each POwerPoint (POP) into 1 ct. 2500 = 25.00€

Turn 19.00€ into max. 25.00€

Especially in the beginning we expect a fast „speed"
Everything is good with the system, because we are not using the money of the packs we are using admoney for the payouts.
60% of each Pack goes to the unilevel plan.
Money comes from another source of income as a special bonus to push our Partners.
We also will add more Bannerspots to Falkito to increase the income of ads.
WE will have to restrict the TOTAL # of packs that a user can purchase, because Falkito is not an investment it is still a business that can not be miss used as an investment.
This restrictions we will add soon to our platform (until now we only restrict the nonpartner)
MAX: 10 pack per week for each „NONPARTNER“ (still 60€ per week possible)

soon...MAX: 20 pack per week for each „Partner“
soon...MAX: 30 pack per week for a bronze Partner
soon...MAX: 50 pack per week for a silver Partner
soon...MAX: 100 pack per week for gold Partner

You need more? OK!

You will need PAP as well to purchase more packs, because they get paid from the same „POT“ Partner need to Focus not only to the Powerpoints but also on the PAP´s.
We want to REWARD those people who have real clients and for that you will get advantages if you own PAP´s.

Please also focus yourself into the MLM Part and the unilevel plan.
This plan can give you amazing results, you can earn much more in this plan then in just passive buying packs, so use it for you.
We recommend everybody to buy at least one PACK to get a load of POP´s to see how good the system is working, then show this working system to EVERYBODY you know, then EVERYBODY will join this amazing business.
People will love this and will not only stay as non Partner. They also want to earn more money and will become a bronze Partner.
IF people in your downline convert to bronze, than you will get the turnover benefit endless deep, because you get paid up to 30% on the weak leg turnover every day.


Good Luck with the best business ever!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Short update

1. We will start with walletfunding with PAYZA COSMICPAY PERFEKTMONEY and bank, later we add solid trust pay.

2. beginning of next week we will do a big test of the software and remove the last bugs

3. Access to the new Backoffice will be online together with the new page.

4. We are nearly ready and we first will upload the full site and we planed a test with all who want to test for 2 days.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Falkito scam?

Dear Partners,
we are  in Progress of starting and it looks good. We still need some things to manage properly, so we are working on it.
If you send us money by bank wire, and if the money is not booked yet, then it might be came in a different name or so.
Please send us the sender name + amount + ID# to, that we can book it to your wallet.
Please fill out our questionnaire, just click on and also tell your downline to do so.
What is going on now ? The question everybody is aksing us and we have such a boring anwer and have to say, we are working on it but we only have little things to solve and to manage, it is now only a diligent work left with little steps.

What we know already is, that Falkito is the best online business in the world and we are proud that we are finally can start it and nothing will be in the way now !
A lot of new leaders from all over the world are coming now to Falkito and thousands of new FALKITO people are waiting out there. 
We were facing some difficulties that causes a delay, but we are now on a better way and we are now tankful for the delay that made Falkito more valuable than it was never before.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

FALKITO - Official Launch Still in March?

When will it be ready? When will FALKITO be launched? These questions are being asked by some partners of the online auction platform, which promises great earning opportunities for everyone and an innovative, uncomplicated MLM system.

Thorsten Albers (founder and CEO of FALKITO) could not say exactly when the launch will happen, but he expects that FALKITO could still officially be launched this month. Currently, the development and programming team is working at full speed and the completion of the platform is within reach, Thorsten Albers told us. In addition to the unplanned pre-launch phase, a simple yet comprehensible argument could be the reason for the delays. The construction of a platform, as FALKITO wants to operate it, requires an immense amount of planning and work. Ultimately, things should start with a fully functional online presence and not with a poorly-conceived beta version. Unfortunately, it was discovered during preparation that the previous concept had to be reworked. In this case, however, it was smarter and more efficient to rebuild the concept from the ground up instead of revamping it here and there. For three months now, two programming teams have been developing and programming at full speed - and "both teams are go," says Albers.

Additional updates were related in part to the range of products that the FALKITO auction platform will make available at the outset. "In the beginning, in the first few weeks, it will be limited to Apple products and other electronic items, but later the platform will be open for nearly any category, because partners can also place items on the platform themselves," explains Albers. Thorsten Albers also described another aspect of the FALKITO builder system (FBS): "We pay 15 cents every time an Internet user views a three-minute long video to the end. If the viewer is interested, he will be redirected to the user's landing page. All of the information is then available on the landing page in all languages, making this an ideal partner machine." Together with the "social entry" concept, an ad-funded entry, FBS makes it possible for new partners to be active and therefore successful. "And when this activity can occur without any help from the partners, everyone can be successful. So there is no reason for failure any more," explains Thorsten Albers. The "social entry" should be available shortly after the official launch.

The success of partners is ultimately the guarantor for the company's success. The company's success should also be ensured by making it as easy as possible for new partners to make money with FALKITO. After the latest changes, it is now possible to qualify to be a bronze partner with the purchase of a special package for 70 euros for 14 days. Afterward, 50 points are required per month, either through your own sales or in the first line. It should no longer be possible to "buy" the status of silver and gold partner, but rather earn it by partners achieving a monthly volume of 300 points (and 600 points in the organization) or 1,000 points (and 2,000 points in the organization). A maximum daily income of 600 euros should therefore be possible through the combination of a binary and unilevel marketing plan. For a payment of 99 euros, you can qualify for disbursements starting the first day. Every single person must then work for the status of silver or gold partner.

The online advertising will be a source of funding for FALKITO. "We expect around 1.5 million euros in advertising money that may be available at the start," said Thorsten Albers. "Incidentally, something is also happening behind the scenes, which is that we will be opening a casino that will then buy up the advertising on FALKITO. 100% of the profits of this casino will then be invested directly into the advertising on FALKITO."

Thorsten Albers' message hints that the launch is approaching as the bank accounts are now being officially opened. "We are now going to open our bank accounts for all payments. The APi for this is installed and almost all of the countries are now programmed. All VFP partners can now begin to load the wallets in order to verify the VFP status," said Thorsten Albers.

The big question as to when exactly FALKITO is officially launching has not yet been answered, but the latest updates suggest that it could be soon. "No one has reason to be impatient. I promise all of the partners the best business ever and a business that you can wholeheartedly recommend without subsequent remorse. My passion lies in this project and I not only believe, but also know that FALKITO will work," concluded Thorsten Albers.

According to Thorsten Albers, FALKITO could therefore still officially be launched in march 2013. We at OBTAINER will of course keep you up to date.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NEW International Head of Sales

A big Hello to all our Partners.

just in time on the last meters before the big start of Falkito
we are proud and happy to introduce a new team member of the Falkito Leader Staff
Andy Weickinger
From now on Andy will be responsible as “International Head of Sales”
We want create a movement in every country of this planet and build everywhere a really working infrastructure.
If you want to move something in your country, Andy is the right men for you.
He have a lot experience and with his help we will take care of a lot positive surprises around the globe.
Since 2001 he worked as a trainer and consultant for various network marketing companies and distributors around the world from Europe to the USA and Canada where he has lived and worked since 2007 .Wrote also columns for the trade press.
He helped many companies in the industry through his experience of thousands of people build-Recruiting. He trained and coached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and helped many to realize their wishes and dreams.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Our E-wallets is ready to load by bank wire!

Hello Partners,
I am sure you saw already that our Bank Wire Api is ready since a few days, hundreds already did it right and it worked very well.
If you want to pay with bank wire, you need to go to wallet, load wallet and then enter your details, then click on deposit amount and send it to us, please select the country from where you will send the money.
You will get then the nearest and best banking connection. We are able to accept payments from over 50 countries direct. Please ask your sponsor if you need help or ask
we are working hard behind the scenes to make Falkito working. As sooner we are coming to the end the more little things we are finding. Step by step we are working on all things that are coming in.
We don´t want to tell an exact date now, but we are you to present you very soon an exact date of launch witch is not gonna be delayed anymore.
Two teams are working on the same target and both teams are nearly ready, so even if there is a problem with team A we can choose team B ´s solution.
6 weeks ago we decided after all the delays to make sure that we can start as fast as possible for that reason we started a fully separated 2nd development of Falkito.
This fact makes me safe to say that our start is soon.
We are not doing this delay´s by purpose and we don´t want to hurt somebody with it.  We are really working very hard and professional on a solution that will change the MLM world into a better place to earn money.

There are some revolutionary things in Falkito:
1. We are paying the „revenue share“ in a total different way from a non MLM part. This can be up to 3% a day and this for as long as 1 year !
2. We are generating partner and clients and we give them to the weaker users
3. We are paying money from advertise income to all users who are partner with a revolutionary point system.
4. We have the FBS System witch is able to create new clients and partners with just a mouse click.
5. Every partner can sell article in the Funauctions and we are giving 100% of each value of each product even cars to the upline, this means whenever somebody in your organization wins and auction, you will earn.
6. Falkito have 1 Compensation plan for very fast payouts and 1 for high payouts, we use the advantages but but not the disadvantages of the concepts.
7. Every Falkito partner will get a offshore online bank account for free to manage his commission, this is not a e-wallet, this is a real account where you can send swift and iban transfers to all over the world with the worlds best banking software Nexor one.

Please be a bit more patience and let us do our work, you will be rewarded with a system that last for ever.
We have the best setup for bank-wire in all the industry now, people can pay from 200 countries in the world and from 50 countries direct

Payza is still having problem with the withdrawals in europe and other countries, this is not our part, but we will accept Payza anyway and we will payout Payza as commission to those who can withdraw and this is how we solve the solution until Payza is back to track.
All other payment options will be available soon, what are Perfectmoney, Solidtrustspay and Okpay.

Falkito is for me is not only a business, i want to show the world that MLM can be fair and success is a matter of organization and for everybody available.

Yours Thorsten
CEO Falcito Inc.

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Dear Esteemed Partners & Beloved Members & users of Falkito
We thank you all for your wholehearted support, valuable suggestions and feed-backs provided by you all to draft out the best solution. We have tried to incorporate each and every aspect and the valuable suggestions provided by you into the system. We too feel the time is killing, but we like the great suggestions that we get from many great leaders of the industry to incorporate their Ideas & suggestions into the Falkito system. 
We are in the process of launch of the falkito with a all round new design patterns & lot's of Reporting features incorporated that will be shown for the approval of all members very soon with all the major payment gateways viz., Cosmic Pay, Payza, OK Pay, Bank Wires & Many more would be added later stage.